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Kierownik projektu: Maciej Bagiński

Politechnika Gdańska

Wydział Chemiczny


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The aim of the research is to understand the molecular properties of telomeric proteins TRFH domains that interact with other proteins so-called shelterin as TIN2, SLX4, and Apollo. Telomeric proteins TRF1 and TRF2 interact with telomeric DNA throught their TRFH domains. At the same time, these proteins act as homodimers that bind to the domain through TRFH. These domains are also responsible for interaction with other telomeric proteins. Systems telomeric proteins are responsible for the protection and proper functioning of telomeres.

Due to the fact that these systems operate in different tumor and normal cells is presumed that they represent a new molecular target for anticancer chemotherapy. Understanding these systems at the molecular level will help test this hypothesis.

So far, studies have not been conducted because of the range of molecular modeling for telomeric proteins.

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